What Is The Magnetic Diet?

There are always so many new diets on the market that it can be hard to keep up with all of them and know which ones are worth your time and energy. The ‘magnetic diet’ is a new diet on the scene that promises some results in a new and interesting way. Based on the laws of attraction, the magnetic diet claims that certain foods attract certain results, such as leanness, health, and happiness. Based on this theory, other foods attract opposite results, such as obesity, depression, anxiety, and disease. Based on the magnetic diet, you want to find out which foods attract which qualities and results and choose accordingly. Obviously, the foods with a positive attraction are those you want to incorporate into your diet, while those that attract contamination and toxins are foods you will want to avoid. While food selection is a huge aspect of the magnetic diet, it also involves food planning, exercise routines, positive visualization techniques, and meditation.

The Magnetic Diet and Nick Smith

The diet plan that makes up the magnetic diet is designed to help people lose fat throughout their entire body. Nick Smith is the author and creature of the diet, and he outlines the importance of combining positive food choices with a combination of other efforts such as exercise, breathing patterns, visualization techniques, and meditation. Smith asserts that if a person makes the appropriate effort in all of these areas, their desired results can be achieved resulting in increased levels of mental and physical health and wellness.

The Magnetic Diet and Food Planning

We are only as good as what we eat, and our bodies only perform as well as the fuel we put inside them. The food we choose to put inside our bodies affects how well our bodies perform and how we feel about ourselves as a result.

Food planning choices are selected based on which foods have positive attractions and bring positive results. Foods like fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients and vitamins are known to attract positive energy, be easy to digest, and carry numerous health and immune system benefits. Foods that are heavy, such as those loaded with carbs, saturated fats, or processed ingredients attract like qualities such as obesity, toxins, and sluggish emotions and physicality.

The Magnetic Diet and Exercise

While choosing the right foods is a huge part of the magnetic diet, so is exercise. The magnetic diet carries with it a strength-conditioning program that includes a number of exercises that can be done at home, on your own, or with others working towards the same goals. These exercises are meant to be used in conjunction with positive dietary changes to help build and tone muscles and help the body to operate at peak performance.

Not only does exercise make our bodies feel better, but it is also proven to release powerful mood-enhancing endorphins. As the magnetic diet is all about attracting positive changes and results, the depression- and anxiety-fighting benefits of exercise plays a huge role.

The Magnetic Diet and Positivity

The magnetic diet is based on the principles of ‘like attracting like.’ Just as people who surround themselves with negative people who are toxic to them experience negative feelings and results, people who surround themselves with positive people and choices are more likely to attract those types of qualities in others and find them within themselves.

When it comes time to make a healthy change to your diet and lifestyle, the magnetic diet promises some positive results. Based on the laws of attraction, the magnetic diet claims that what we put into our bodies and expose them to determine what kind of results and life we will lead. Under the magnetic diet, people are encouraged to put food into their bodies that carry positive results and attract the qualities of fitness, leanness, happiness, and light. Avoiding foods that are heavy, unhealthy and highly processed means avoiding the qualities of obesity, poor health and anxiety, and depression.

When paired with an exercise plan, breathing exercises, and positive visualization, the magnetic diet promises to make those who follow its regimen happier, healthier, leaner and calmer people. While there are numerous diets to choose from, the magnetic diet offers a holistic approach to health and wellness by incorporating several practices and philosophies. Proponents of the magnetic diet believe that its multiple techniques and strategies involving diet, exercise, breathing, visualization, and meditation all work together to target the health and wellness of the whole person.